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We Serve The Greater KC Metro Area

We Serve The Greater KC Metro Area



Maintain Your Furnace to Avoid These Haunting Problems

furnace-being-worked-onHalloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be haunted—by furnace problems, that is. We don’t mean to be dramatic, but the truth is if you don’t keep up on your furnace maintenance appointments, you can find yourself facing scary heating bills, operational troubles, and even unsafe conditions when it comes to your furnace. The Comfort Bear doesn’t get spooked easily, but this is definitely scary!

Have you scheduled your tune-up yet? The good news is, it’s not too late if you haven’t! The only time it’s too late is if your aging furnace completely fails on you and is beyond repair. Today’s furnace models are built with efficiency, performance, and safety in mind. We can only guarantee these qualities if you allow us to professional tune-up your heater. Doing so will help you avoid the following haunting problems.

Unsafe Operation

Among all the possible problems to afflict your furnace, you don’t want safety hazards to be one of them. The last thing you need to worry about is your heater becoming a danger this winter. However, this is a logical concern for homeowners who used gas-powered heaters.

During your furnace tune-up, our highly trained and skilled technicians will run through an inspection checklist that has us looking at areas where your furnace may develop safety issues. This can include cracked heat exchangers or loose gas lines. If there’s anything you’ll gain from professional furnace maintenance, it’s some peace of mind.

Frequent Repair Needs

Professional furnace maintenance tune-ups help you avoid recurrent furnace problems. When temperatures drop to their lowest, you’re not going to want to scramble to make an appointment for repairs on a problem you could have prevented to begin with. Maintenance ensures the reliability of your furnace system and gives it the best chance of making it through winter without any interruption in operation.

Your furnace maintenance tune-ups also stop smaller repair problems and inconveniences that can add up in money and time wasted. In fact, keeping up with your regular tune-ups prevent up to 85% of the repairs a furnace might need over its service life.

Shorter Equipment Life

You want your furnace to last for as many years as possible before you need to upgrade it, right? Well, a premature furnace replacement is more likely if you don’t regularly maintain your heater. Maintenance helps your furnace to achieve the longest possible effective service life.

High Heating Bills

The Comfort Bear likes to save money! Keeping your furnace well maintained and operating more efficiently is the best way to prevent your heating bills from skyrocketing. But a furnace that doesn’t receive annual maintenance and cleaning will start wearing down faster.

With issues like extra friction on the motors, or burners struggling to produce enough heat, an ill-maintained furnace will drain more power to run, causing an increase in your heating bills.

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