icicles-hanging-from-pipeThe Comfort Bear, here! Are you as ready for winter as I am? I might not hibernate as much as my friends do—I need to be there for homeowners throughout Independence! But I’m all about making my home as comfortable and safe as possible. How about you?

If we’re in agreement, then boy does our team have a suggestion for you—get an inspection from our professionals! We’ll conduct a thorough one, checking for any pending repair needs and possible leaks you may have occurring. Most of all, though, when you contact our team versus a competitor, you’ll get plumbers who actually listen. We believe that what our customers have to say is much more important than the tools in the toolbox. That said, we’re the team to call when you suspect a problem. But we do also want to help you avoid plumbing problems, which is why we’ve provided the guide below.

Protect Your Plumbing This Winter

Frozen pipes are a very real threat. Not because they can’t be thawed, but because the thawing process creates pressure in the pipes and leads to burst piping. This damages your plumbing of course, and also can create property damage that nobody needs. Frozen pipes aren’t your only potential problem, either. Water heaters can suffer this time of the year as well. So, what should you do?

Insulate Your Pipes

It’s never too early to do this. As early as the beginning of fall, you should be looking at any exposed pipes that exist throughout your home. Focus on any pipes you know have a history of freezing, first and foremost, and insulate these with specially made pipe sleeves from a hardware store—or even with heat tape.

If you’re unsure of which pipes are prone to freezing, we say it’s better to be safe than sorry! Pay close attention to unheated areas such as your basement or garage. Search through crawlspaces and even your attic. Check under your kitchen and bathroom sinks, too! Even if you don’t buy “official” material to insulate your pipes, some newspaper bundled around them may do the trick.

Maintain Your Water Heater

The water heater in your home is one plumbing component that you definitely don’t want to lose access to during cold weather. You should do your best to keep it maintained before the winter, so you aren’t faced with a sudden breakdown. Call in plumbers to flush the tank, adjust the temperature, and inspect for rust and corrosion.

Clean Your Gutters!

This is one type of “plumbing” component that’s easy for homeowners to neglect. But too much buildup in your rain gutters can lead to water overflow and ice dams. You want to prevent this from happening so you don’t need to deal with major water damage.

Clean your gutters out each year—in the fall, if possible. And if you see any signs of ice dams or excessive debris buildup, consider using chemicals and salt to melt the ice—also, do what you can to keep your attic well insulated.

When you are ready to weatherize your home in Independence, MO, contact Climate Control Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. Comfort and care from the team with the bear!