blue-question-markIf you know Comfort Bear in summer, then you know there’s nothing I love more than feeling the cool air from the air conditioner blowing across my fur. It can get really warm under here, after all.

So you can bet that I’ll be calling up the HVAC technicians from the office if my air conditioner suddenly starts having air flow problems. You can find air flow problems easily by putting your hand up to the air vent, or by feeling if some rooms of the home are warmer than others.

If I suspect my AC isn’t outputting air like it’s supposed to, there are a few things I can do to fix the problem myself. If that doesn’t help, I’ll then call an expert to have them do some inspections. Here’s how that process goes:

1. Check the Thermostat

If your AC is blowing warm air or no air at all, it could be caused by something as simple as the thermostat.

First, make sure it’s not a programming error. Ensure that it’s set to cooling mode and that it’s on “Auto” instead of “Fan Mode.”

Then, make sure that the batteries are still good. Programmable thermostats often use a set of batteries to store the memory for their programs.

2. Check the Air Filter

Your HVAC system’s air filter will capture dust and dirt to protect the sensitive components of the machine. However, it needs to be changed about every three months. Clogged filters create a myriad of problems—air flow issues are just the beginning.

Replace the filter and try again. If it doesn’t help, go onto the next step.

3. Check the Blower

From here on, you’ll need the help of professional HVAC services in Kearney, MO.

You can have your technician start by checking the blower. As its name indicates, the blower is responsible for blowing the conditioned air through the ducts and into your home. The mechanism consists of a motor, a belt, and a fan. Problems with any of these components can result in a loss of air flow. It’s even possible that a damaged blower can sound like it’s working just fine; that’s why inspection is necessary.

4. Have the Ducts Inspected

If nothing is wrong with the air conditioner itself, then perhaps the air ducts are to blame.

After several years of use, ducts can wear out and develop leaks or tears. They’ll often develop several leaks and tears by the time it becomes a serious airflow issue. These leaks will suck up the cooled air as it travels through the ducts, lowering airflow and forcing your AC to work longer and harder to make up for it.

Duct leaks can contribute to huge losses of energy, so it’s important to have this fixed to save money as well as for your comfort.

5. Consider Replacement

After calling in for air conditioning maintenance, your technician should have performed everything on this list and much more. If they still can’t find the problem, then it might be time for a replacement.

We can get to the bottom of your air flow issues. Contact Climate Control Heating & Cooling today. Comfort and Care From the Team With the Bear.