ac-maintenanceAt the office, everyone keeps asking, “Comfort Bear, aren’t you excited? Winter is over!”

To be honest… No, I’m not. Winter is the only time of year that I can feel comfortable! I’ll have no choice but to blast my AC as soon as temperatures start rising. If my home isn’t colder than an igloo, you can bet that I won’t be happy.

What’s that? I should just cut my hair? Nope, not happening!

So, if I don’t want to suffer through the heat this summer, then I’ll need to make sure my air conditioner is ready for the season. After all, firing up your AC without any maintenance is just asking for it to break down on you at the worst time!

Before you run your air conditioner this year, take the time to have it inspected by a professional. They’ll be able to find any potential problems that might affect the efficiency or performance of your system. Some examples of those problems include:

1. Higher Bills

The first sign that you need maintenance is the higher-than-usual energy bill. Of course, this means that you’ve been keeping a close eye on your cooling costs and know how to spot an increase.

If you haven’t been keeping track, it’s not a problem: have your AC tuned-up, record your spending for the first month, and use that as your new standard.

2. Reduced Cooling

Put your hand in front of the air vent. Does the air feel as cool as it should? If not, there’s a number of potential reasons: refrigerant leak, overheating components, leaks in the ducts… the list goes on. None of those are good problems, so you can bet that any reduction in cooled air is something you should have looked into.

3. Strange Noises

The only sounds your AC should be making are the familiar start-up sounds like a click from the thermostat and the rushing of air through the vents. Any buzzing, humming, scraping, and screeching are definite signs that something is wrong. Even if it doesn’t sound that bad, it’s safe to consider any new noise as a potential danger. These sounds indicate that a component is broken or in danger of being broken, so turn off the AC immediately and call for air conditioning repair in Blue Springs, MO.

4. Low Air Flow

When the air flow is reduced, you may experience uneven cooling and increase energy bills. While not quite the same as reduced cooling, it can be caused by similar things, such as leaks in the ductwork. Other causes of low air flow include a broken blower motor, obstructions in the ducts, or frozen evaporator coils.

5. Short Cycling

Air conditioners are designed to turn on and off as part of their normal cycling. If those cycles seem more rapid or sporadic, however, then you have a short cycling problem. If you’ve already owned your AC for a few years and have encountered a short cycling problem, there’s a good chance that it’s being caused by issues that can be fixed with maintenance.

Contact Climate Control Heating & Cooling today to schedule a maintenance visit. Comfort & Care from the Team with the Bear.