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We Serve The Greater KC Metro Area

We Serve The Greater KC Metro Area



Weatherization Services and Energy Audits in Kansas City

Home energy efficiency is no light matter in Kansas City, MO, considering how hot and muggy our summers get, and how cold our winters can feel. A good heating and air conditioning system sometimes needs to be able to perform as needed for days on end, and preferably not cost you an arm and a leg in monthly energy fees in the bargain. Having an energy audit performed on your home inspection of the problem areas and getting a plan in place to address those areas of your home that cost you money on your energy bills. It can be as simple as finding where to address air sealing, attic insulation or an energy efficient thermostat to realize energy savings on your utility bills, but have you been able to locate all of the problem areas? Having a professional inspect your home, who will provide you with an in-depth energy audit and show you not only where but how to address these issues, will give you peace of mind that you’ve given your home the best chance at being energy efficient and qualifying for as many rebates and tax incentives as possible.

Weatherization services from the trained professionals at Climate Control Heating, Cooling & Plumbing can give you a significant weapon in that battle. Seemingly little things like sealing air leakage, insulation, and energy recovery ventilators can make a big difference not only in cutting down on your energy bills, but in ensuring that your heating and air conditioning are subjected to less overall strain throughout their service life, giving that furnace and air conditioner the best opportunity for a long service life, with little to no repairs over its service life.

Call on us today: we serve weatherization needs for homes and businesses throughout the Kansas City Missouri metro area.

Why Is Home Energy Efficiency Important?

Home energy efficiency does more than ensure that your HVAC system always keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It means reducing household nuisances like leaks and drafts, making sure sealing around doors and windows is in place, and ensuring that things like airflow ductwork are in place to keep your bills low. Home energy auditors can help you realize substantial energy savings with efficiency improvements recommended through an energy audit. Often there are rebates and tax benefits that come with completing these energy saving measures and having a professional company help will ensure you’re doing as much as possible to raise your home’s energy efficiency and lower energy consumption.

Not only does this cut down on monthly costs, but it helps your home feel more comfortable and can lower wear and tear on other components in your home such as the heating and cooling system, heating systems and plumbing system by reducing the required energy to maintain the system’s desired temperatures.

Your home is an investment, and proper weatherization helps you make the most of it and having this weatherization performed by a qualified energy expert is an affordable energy solution to improve your home’s footprint and lower your utility bills. Kansas City, MO weather is bad enough without having to cost us even more due to inefficiencies in home’s weatherization.

A Home Energy Audit Gets the Process Started

Proper home energy efficiency entails a home energy audit, which lets the technician go over all the aspects of your home’s efficiency and note problem areas and places for improvement found throughout the home inspection. For example, a drafty room might need to have an incoming pipe sealed, or perhaps an energy recovery ventilator can be installed in your attic. With that in mind, you and the technician can review the energy audit walk-through, then determine the best solution to any problem areas and find affordable energy solutions to these problems.

We’re proud to offer such services as part of our home energy efficiency package in the Kansas City metro area: our energy auditor will be alerting you to trouble spots, and looking for things like building envelopes and thermal envelopes that might affect the temperature in a given section. That way, you can be sure you get the products and service you need to correct any holes in your home’s thermal security, and make sure you have the most energy efficient home possible.

Schedule Seasonal Weatherization Services

Home energy efficiency is an ongoing process, and while initial steps such as adding insulation or installing an ERV must be performed correctly, so too should a technician visit your Kansas City, Mo home every few years to perform a home inspection and check your Kansas City home for any developing issues.

Worn shingles and other components of your home will eventually give in to the elements, and the more swiftly you can move to correct such issues, the better your home will keep energy costs down. Call our team today and let us show you what we can do!