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We Serve The Greater KC Metro Area

We Serve The Greater KC Metro Area



Air Conditioning & Heating Services in Independence, MO

Air Conditioning & Heating Services in Independence, MO

Independence, MO, has a lot of history to be proud of. Unfortunately, high summer temperatures and freezing cold winters are part of its heritage too. To keep your home comfortable in the face of such challenges, you need a reliable air conditioning and heating system.

At Climate Control Heating & Cooling, we know how important it is to keep your home comfortable. Our trained staff can get to the bottom of any issue with your heater or air conditioner, as well as providing expert installation and replacement services for a wide variety of makes and models. Call our team today to schedule services in Independence, MO and the surrounding area.

Air Conditioning Services in Independence, MO

Independence, MO is simply too hot in the summertime to allow any air conditioning service to perform a sloppy installation. Central air conditioning systems can exhibit serious problems early on if the installation isn’t performed right, leading to problems sooner than expected and a loss of air conditioning efficiency. That’s why our team offers a 100% guarantee on all our work, so you can run your air conditioner with confidence knowing that everything is backed up!

Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance Go Hand in Hand

Air conditioning repairs are very important, and need to be performed swiftly to make sure you’re not left to the tender mercies of our Independence, MO weather. But in addition to AC repair, we believe that air conditioning maintenance plays a huge role in cutting down on more serious problems. That’s why we offer AC tune–up services and air conditioning maintenance as a way of keeping your system running at its peak, as well as preventing serious problems before they start!

Call Us for Heating Services in Independence

A good heating installation session will get your system off to the right starts and heating maintenance can catch a lot of problems early, but sooner or later, trouble arises. Our Independence, MO winters are too brutally cold to avoid every contingency. But with our team on your side, you know your system is in the best hands. We arrive swiftly and move with maximum efficiency, ensuring that your home stays toasty and warm no matter what the trouble.

Water Heater Repairs Need Prompt Action

If you detect a problem with your water heater, chances are it has been there for some time. Water heaters don’t tend to show any issue until the problem has spread, and by the time you’re aware of it, you need to move quickly to have proper repairs done. Luckily, the trained team at Climate Control Heating & Cooling is ready to go when you are, and offers water heater installation, as well as maintenance and a host of other important water heater services.

Indoor Air Quality Products Help Your HVAC System

We rightfully think of indoor air quality products as a means of keeping our homes more comfortable, but the benefits aren’t limited to that. For instance, air filtration systems can help cut down on the dust in your HVAC system, which can affect friction on moving parts. Air conditioners can strain under high humidity levels, while the dry air of winter makes it harder for heaters to do their job. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers make excellent means of easing that strain.

Heating Issues Can’t Wait with Commercial HVAC Systems

As vital as heating is in our homes during the winter, it’s even more important in a commercial setting. Commercial heating systems are responsible for keeping work spaces comfortable no matter how cold the weather is outside, and when they run into problems, it can affect your whole business. Commercial HVAC services like ours are designed to get your commercial heating system back up to speed, and do the same for your commercial air conditioning system in the summer.

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Great guy, and good service

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Spring maintenance

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Micah did a wonderful job.

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Great Service by Tech

The Tech was great, on time, knew the system and shared with us what he was doing and what he found. We would like to have Ben do our service anytime.

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Great Service

I really appreciate Allyssa, she is very good at her job and explains everything that she does to check my furnace, she is very friendly and treats me like a person and not just a customer, so glad she is the one who takes care of my furnace and air conditioner

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Map of Independence, MO

Great service

Map of Independence, MO

Great Service

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A truly efficient and knowledgable young man.

great service

Great service

He did a great job

Excellent Service

We have used Climate Control for many years and transferred their service to our new home. They have always been reliable and have very courteous employees.

Good Job, Cody

First time I've met Cody. He was very courteous and professional.

Payton is good

Payton was very conscientious and thorough. He answered all my questions candidly and readily. I am pleased with the attention he gave to our system. I rated the cost as three stars not because of the quality of the service, but that I think the annual contract price is rather expensive. Each year I consider discontinuing it because of the cost. Our system is like new and doesn't need much work; many people would not have a maintenance contract. I do have a problem: The outdoor temperature is not registering on our thermostat. It says 0 degrees.

Great service - tech very professional

Great customer service and very personable.


Great Service

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