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We Serve The Greater KC Metro Area

We Serve The Greater KC Metro Area



Kansas City, MO Sewer Services

Quick, what’s the biggest plumbing emergency you can imagine? We’d say nearing the top of the list is a sewer line blockage causing wastewater to back into your home up through the drains. Not only is this messy, but it’s unsanitary. We’d like to help you avoid that! This is why we provide exceptional sewer services throughout Kansas City, MO and the surrounding communities.

There are a number of potential issues to be aware of when it comes to this important water line that removes waste from your home and cleanly moves it to the city sewer main. Fortunately, the team of plumbers here at Climate Control Heating, Cooling & Plumbing are aware of these issues and ready to help! Whether you need sewer cleaning, repair, or sewer line replacement, we’re the team to call.

Contact us today for reliable sewer services—you’re in good hands with our team!

Do You Need Sewer Line Service in Kansas City?

As we stated above, there are a number of problems that can afflict a sewer line, particularly over the course of the decades that you and your family might live in your home. Tree roots, for instance, can seek out fresh sources of water and therefore infiltrate your sewer line—creating holes and ruptures throughout the pipe.

You may even have a clogged and backed up sewer line because of waste buildup in your drainpipes that has accumulated. Or, perhaps you’re constructing a new home and need a brand new sewer line installed! There are a number of considerations to make with this type of installation, which is why you should always only trust a pro for the job. Call our Kansas City plumbers today to get the job done right!

Signs of Sewer Repair Needs

Many plumbing problems do a good job of hiding themselves. This is because your plumbing system itself is mostly hidden from view. This means it can be hard to pinpoint exactly where problems are coming from. In the case of your sewer line, though, there are certainly signs you can watch out for that indicate something is wrong. For example, keep your eyes out for pools of foul water that may form in your front or back yard.

If your sewer line springs a leak, the sewage will be forced up through the ground and will start pooling. This is unpleasant, of course, and damages your property. Additionally, it creates a biohazard situation, leading to the need for massive sewer repair.

Other indicators to watch out for including frequently clogged drains or backups, signaling that your sewer line has an obstruction, or foul odors coming from multiple drains in your household. Remember, the longer you wait on this problem, the worse it can become.

Your Trusted Team for Sewer Cleaning and More

While there certainly are scenarios in which repair or sewer replacement are necessary, many times your sewer line problems mean that you need a thorough sewer cleaning. There are a couple of different methods used to achieve this. One is using a drain snake to go down into your sewer line and remove anything that’s clogging it up.

A more effective method of sewer cleaning is hydro-jetting. This involves the use of a high-pressured stream of water coming from an auger on the end of a cable. The tool safely and effectively scours the inside of your sewer lines using only water, with no corrosive chemicals. If you’re interested in learning more or suspect you need sewer services, please reach out to us today!