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We Serve The Greater KC Metro Area

We Serve The Greater KC Metro Area



Energy Recovery in Kansas City

Energy efficiency is a top priority for most Kansas City, MO homes and businesses, and prudent homeowners will look for investments into their homes that can help them with that. Our summers are just too hot and humid, and our winters too brutally cold to do otherwise.

For any home or business looking to save money on their home energy costs, the friendly professionals at Climate Control Heating, Cooling & Plumbing have a solution: heat recovery ventilators and energy recovery ventilators installed in your attic. They can help ease the load on your heating and air conditioning system, and cut down on those pesky energy bills in the process. We serve the whole of Kansas City, MO, and can fill you in on all the options. Call us today to make an appointment.

How Does Energy Recovery Work?

Heat recovery and energy recovery is a way of recirculating the air without having to open the doors or windows (never advisable on a hot or cold day). A pair of ducts runs through the attic; one blows air out of your home and the other pulls air in from the home. A heat exchanger raises or lowers the temperature of the incoming air as needed, ensuring that the temperature in your Kansas City, MO home remains the same.

Swapping out the air like that (heat recovery ventilators only run in the winter, while energy recovery ventilators work throughout the year) can save you a great deal of energy: easing the burden on your heating system (and cooling system in some cases), and helping to keep the bills from breaking your budget this summer.

What Is Involved?

HRV systems and ERV systems start with a careful audit of your home or business, ensuring what is required. (In the case of ERV systems, it will need to account for conditions in summer and winter alike.) With this in mind, the technician can then go over your options with you and proceed with the installation swiftly and easily.

That can be especially important given the mercurial weather in Kansas City, MO. With the right company on your side, you won’t waste a moment of the available time. That ensures that your heat recovery and energy recovery system are installed the right way and you can start enjoying the benefits immediately.

What Benefits Do HRV and ERV Systems Provide?

The first and most important benefit of an HRV or ERV is the strain it lowers on your heating and cooling system. That helps improve household energy efficiency, and cut down on those bills, particularly for larger homes and businesses. But more importantly, they can help improve your family’s health by circulating out germs and bacteria, lending a fresh feeling to the household and reducing monthly costs to a minimum.

That can be important in every home or business, but particularly those that require high levels of cleanliness. Homes getting ready to welcome a newborn might want to consider them, as should homes with elderly residents or those suffering from conditions such as asthma. If this sound like your household, contact us today for a consultation.