Technician-servicing-water-heaterIf there’s any appliance the Comfort Bear doesn’t want to be without, it’s a water heater! Sure, I may have a lot of fur to keep me warm but let’s face it, chilly showers aren’t fun for anyone.

Plus, who wants to wash their dishes and clothes with artic water? Not the Comfort Bear, that’s for sure.

Unfortunately, many homeowners take their water heaters a bit for granted. Like the majority of their plumbing systems, water heaters are usually tucked away, out of sight in a corner of the garage or inside a storage closet. This means that when something goes wrong with it, it’s often missed until it’s too late.

It’s important to know the signs for when your water heater is in trouble, which we’ve highlighted below. Read on, and contact the Comfort Bear with any questions you might have!

Is Your Water Heater Kettling?

You know the noise that a boiling tea kettle makes? The tank of your water heater might make that sound too—but it’s a sign of a problem. What’s likely happening is that there is a sediment layer along the bottom of the tank that is trapping the water heated by the heat exchanger, and then the water is bubbling up through the sediment.

To resolve this, you’ll need a professional to come flush the tank before that sediment blocks too much of the heat exchanger.

Do You Hear Rumbling?

This is one noise that can cause panic in homeowners. Don’t worry, your water heater isn’t about to explode or anything—but rumbling is a sign of something wrong. It’s most common in older water heaters, and results from a broken dip tube causing cold and hot water to mix at the top of the tank.

Another potential cause for this rumbling sound is that the water is overheating—whatever the cause though our plumbers can pinpoint it and fix it.

Check for Leakage

The only place you should ever see water leaking from your water heater is from the pressure release valve. If you see water dripping or pooling anywhere else, be sure to call our plumbers right away.

Pay Attention to a Drop in Water Temperature

Is your hot water simply not coming through hot enough? First off, please don’t tamper with the temperature control, known as the aquastat, on your water heater. This can lead to suddenly scalding water. Instead, please call for help from a professional plumber to determine when the water heater isn’t doing its job at well as it’s supposed to.

Is Your Water Discolored?

If you have discolored water coming from one faucet, whether you’re using the cold or the hot water tap, then you’re likely looking at a rusted drainpipe or faucet that needs to be replaced. If, however, discolored water is coming from multiple faucets only when you use the hot water taps, then there is either a problem with the hot water line, or your water heater tank has started corroding.

Once this happens, a repair won’t do any good—it’s time to look into upgrading and replacing your water heater.

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