Here are a few tips and tricks from the pros on how to get the best performance from your garbage disposal. We will also correct a few garbage myths out there.

1. Use plenty of water when using your disposal.
The fact is, most garbage disposal clogs could have been prevented by using more water while the disposal was in use.

2. Stage food waste in the sink basin before feeding in slowly
This allows you to ensure plenty of water is assisting the disposal while grinding food waste.

3. Feed the food waste slowly
The second leading cause of disposal clogs is overloading. Disposals do a much better job if we slow down the rate we feed the food waste into the disposal. Otherwise, you could find yourself facing the next problem on the list…

4. Get out of a jam
All disposals come with a jam-breaker wrench. If your disposal is jammed up your first step is to unplug the unit. Then you can insert the wrench in the center of the bottom of the disposal. Rotating the wrench back and forth can free the object from within the disposal. Just keep your hand out of the grinding chamber, please!

5. The reset button
If your disposal tries to run too long when it’s jammed, it will trip the reset button. This is a red square button on the bottom of the unit. If your unit doesn’t come back to life after it has been unjammed, push the reset button in to restore power. If this doesn’t restore power, then it might be time to call a plumber.

6. Odor control
Taking a cleaning brush to the underneath side of the baffle and the upper portion of the grinding chamber will do wonders for any odors from your disposal. There are also a few fragrance products available if you’d like an extra kick.

Myth #1
Coffee grounds are bad for disposals
This is just simply not true. With ample water usage, your disposal should be able to handle coffee grounds. If it’s not, then it’s probably time for a new unit.

Myth #2
You can sharpen the blades by putting ice down the disposal
Doubly wrong here. Let’s think about that myth for a second. In what universe would frozen water be able to sharpen metal? But also, disposals don’t have blades. They use two pivoting lugs and centrifugal force to push the food waste through small holes in the sides of the grinding chamber.

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