plumber-working-on-p-trap-of-sinkThough it is arguably the vastest system in your home when it comes to comfort and convenience, not a lot of people think about the overall state of their plumbing systems. In some cases, this can become a problem, since it makes it harder to detect leaks in a timely manner. There are of course signs you can watch for—water bills that have spiked without explanation, the sound of rushing water when no appliances are on, the sound of dripping behind a wall, and the sight of small puddles within your property where there shouldn’t be.

We encourage you to not only take the proper steps when you suspect a plumbing problem, but also read below about some of the most common plumbing questions we receive and our answers.

“How long should it take to get hot water in different parts of the house?”

The short answer to this one is, “it depends.” Basically, it is going to differ on how far the fixture is from your hot water heater. If your water heater is in the basement and you have plumbing appliances down there, such as a washing machine or sink, those appliances are going to get hot water much faster than a bathroom on the 2nd floor of your home.

So, what if you want hot water to come quickly to the second floor? This is a completely reasonable request—after all, nobody likes to step into a cold shower! Well, we can resolve this with the installation of a recirculation system. It keeps your hot water lines fresh with hot water at all times. The best part is, this can be retrofitted/added on to your existing plumbing system without the need for repiping or new plumbing installation.

“Can I get more water pressure in the shower?”

As we covered in a previous blog post, when most customers ask us this question, what they actually are trying to ask is how they can get more water flow in the shower. There is a difference, after all.

Water pressure is the static force the water makes against the walls of the pipes, while water flow speaks to the speed and volume of water moving through the pipe. You can have excessive water pressure, but low water flow. We want to help equal these out for you, of course!

Keep in mind that the water pressure and flow that your plumbing fixtures come with are that way to meet certain government standards—water pressure that is too high can actually ruin your pipes. Ideally, you want low water pressure but high water flow, and we can make some adjustments that will increase your comfort while still keeping both at a safe level.

“Are all the plumbers as nice as you?”

No… But they should be! Just call Climate Control Heating Cooling and Plumbing to get excellent customer service and quality plumbing, in addition to honest feedback about what’s best for your plumbing systems, your home, and your water bills.

For professional plumbing in Parkville, MO, look no further than Climate Control Heating, Cooling and Plumbing—Comfort & Care from the Team with the Bear!