Today’s furnace models are built with efficiency, performance, and safety in mind. No matter what heating system you have however, HVAC systems need to have regular attention to be at peak performance. Regular furnace maintenance is key to keeping your air filter changed, your blower motor blowing and your air flow flowing! If you want confidence that your heating system can meet the temp settings on your thermostat, then keep regular maintenance going with these maintenance tips and keep your system’s energy efficiency as high as possible this heating season; as well as the added bonus of lower energy bills!

Why is it so important to keep your furnace maintenance up on a regular maintenance schedule? What can you do to keep the various parts of your system running optimally, and increase the lifespan of your system? 

Here are a few things regular maintenance can help avoid and DIY tips to perform them:

1. Unsafe Operation 

Among all the possible problems to afflict your air conditioning and furnace, you don’t want safety hazards to be one of them. The last thing you need to worry about is your heater becoming a danger this winter from carbon monoxide. However, this is a logical concern for homeowners who used gas-powered furnaces and heaters.

During your furnace tune-up, our highly trained and skilled technicians will run through an inspection checklist that has us looking at areas where your furnace may develop safety issues. This can include cracked heat exchangers or loose gas lines. If there’s anything you’ll gain from professional furnace maintenance, it’s some peace of mind.

Pilot lights, and the operation of the igniter, and possible blockages and venting issues around natural gas can be deadly and should always be part of a furnace inspection performed by trained professionals.

2. Frequent Repair Needs 

Your furnace maintenance tune-ups also stop smaller repair problems and inconveniences that can add up in money and time wasted. In fact, keeping up with your regular tune-ups prevent up to 85% of the repairs a furnace might need over its service life. Issues from corrosion or lack of checkups can lead to air conditioner and furnace repairs such as:

  • Cracked Heat Exchanger: A problem that often only arises late in the furnace’s life but can arise sooner without regular maintenance and cleaning of buildup.
  • Carbon Monoxide Issues: Gas furnaces can create the risk of carbon monoxide leaks when not maintained properly. CO leaks are deadly and should never be taken lightly. These checks should be part of every future inspection. Indoor air quality can be an issue that HVAC companies like Climate Control can help you with.
  • Fire Hazards: If there is an issue with the gas or with obstructions in the vents, it could lead to a house fire. 

Gas leaks, gas pressure, igniter and other issues can cause homeowners in Kansas City with gas furnaces or other heating systems to require a service call from a HVAC company to get repaired and back into working order. 

Professional furnace maintenance tune-ups help you avoid recurrent furnace problems. When temperatures drop to their lowest, you’re not going to want to scramble to make an appointment for repairs on a problem you could have prevented to begin with. Maintenance ensures the reliability of your furnace system and gives it the best chance of making it through winter without any interruption in operation.


3. Shorter Equipment Life

After periods of lowered efficiency and an increase in furnace repair, the system is bound to have accumulated excess wear and tear. That’s going to end up influencing the lifespan of the system, and any gas furnace or electrical system will have eventual wear and tear.

Furnaces are estimated to last between 10 and 15 years, sometimes even 20. Why such a large range? Well, the lower end of that estimate is for furnaces that haven’t received much proper care throughout their lives. The time when things start to just shut off, comes much more quickly in cases where furnace maintenance was neglected. That can include repairs from unqualified professionals, inefficient use of the furnace, and of course, a lack of regular maintenance.

If there is a blockage in the ductwork that is causing the system to work more and more to maintain airflow, most commonly a dirty air filter, it can sometimes be avoided with regular maintenance, and of course, a clean new furnace filter.

Some warranty and extended warranty companies require a professionally licensed HVAC company perform the furnace maintenance to maintain the warranty in Grain Valley MO, Excelsior Springs MO, Lathrop MO and more. This can be said for  a new furnace or water heater, though not in every case.

4. High Heating Bills

Keeping your furnace well maintained and operating more efficiently is the best way to prevent your heating bills from skyrocketing. But a furnace that doesn’t receive annual maintenance and cleaning will start wearing down faster.

With issues like extra friction on the motors, or burners struggling to produce enough heat, an ill-maintained furnace will drain more power to run, causing an increase in your heating bills.

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