close-up-of-hvac-fanComfort Bear here again! I sure hope summer is treating you well so far. I’ve gotta say, this excessive heat we’ve had this past week is no fun. Did you know bears can’t sweat? I have to stay cool in other ways—stretching out and laying on the cool ground, panting, and going for lots of swims.

Well, and by making sure my heat pump is in cooling mode and ready to do its job effectively and efficiently this season!

In our last blog post, we talked about what to do if your heat pump wouldn’t switch to cooling mode. Hopefully, you’re not still stuck in heating mode—but perhaps even after you fixed your heat pump, it doesn’t seem to be keeping you cool?

Could It Be Time for a Heat Pump Replacement?

It depends on a few factors. First off, how old is your heat pump? Even if you have regular maintenance done for your system, and call for repairs as soon as the need arises, you can’t expect your air conditioner to last forever! Eventually, your heat pump will get old enough that it simply cannot function anymore.

The average lifespan for a well-maintained heat pump is 10-15 years, perhaps even 20. But beyond that point, they start accumulating a host of chronic issues that make it increasingly expensive to keep the system up and running. If your air conditioner is 15 years old, you should definitely start considering a replacement. This is even more true if:

Your heat pump costs more to operate month-to-month. After all, as your heat pump ages, it loses efficiency. Maintenance helps it maintain much of that efficiency, but the parts are simply going to wear out and the efficiency loss won’t be able to be recovered.

As your heat pump tries to compensate, its compressor will run longer and longer, driving up the operating cost of the system. If your heat pump cost a lot more to run this year than it has in previous years, it’s certainly worth considering a replacement.

It needs frequent repairs. Comfort Bear has certainly needed to call for repairs every now and then. Having repairs done every few years or so is a reasonable expectation. But if you find that your heat pump needs repairs multiple times a year, it’s time to consult with a pro about getting a new one.

This level of frequency in heat pump breakdowns is usually due to the system finally succumbing to years of wear and tear. The various components inside of it are beginning to fail in groups, causing the frequency and cost of repairs to skyrocket. Continuing to repair a heat pump once it reaches this “point of no return” is just going to strain the system more, not to mention your wallet.

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