If there’s anything homeowners know, it’s the importance of a fully functioning, efficiently operating air conditioner during a Kansas City summer. When you set your thermostat and turn on your air condition system you expect cool air to flow from your ductwork, but if instead you feel hot air, or hear squealing from your blower motor, or hear terrible noises from your outside unit, you know it may be time to call a HVAC technician to perform troubleshooting and get your air conditioning system back to blowing cool air.

An air conditioner in disrepair will only cost you more money than it should, and leave you and your family feeling hot air, and feeling pretty uncomfortable. 

Common Air Conditioner Problems You Can Face by Neglecting Repair Needs

Whether it’s a loss of cooling, strange noises coming from the system, or low airflow, you can face the following problems by neglecting repair needs:

1. Broken Down Compressor 

 This is the heart of your air conditioner, and neglecting its needs could leave you facing a premature AC unit replacement before summer is even over. When other parts fail, it can tip the circuit breaker, or blow out your capacitor. This, along with your fan motor and condenser coils are among the most common problems AC units face.

2. Costly Utility Bills

When you ignore things like low airflow or a system that doesn’t seem to be cooling as much as it should, you’re probably ignoring damaged ductwork or, even worse, reduced refrigerant levels from a refrigerant leak. As a result, your air conditioner will work harder than it has to, costing you more in the long run.

3. Frozen Coils 

Ice is never a normal part of the cooling process. It’s caused by a problem within the air conditioner, and creates subsequent issues if not dealt with right away—and no, you should never try to remove or thaw ice from your AC yourself as you can damage the coil. Evaporator coils are integral for your air conditioning unit, and your outdoor unit icing over and having frozen coils is something regular maintenance can help prevent, such as what’s performed during a tune-up in Oak Grove MO, Olathe KS, St. Joseph MO and more.

4. Dirty Air Filter 

This one is especially unfortunate, because it’s so easy to prevent from happening in the first place. If you don’t change the dirty air filter in your air conditioner every three months or so while you’re using the system on a regular basis (summer) then it has the potential to become clogged. A clogged air filter will prevent most of the air in the ducts from making it into your air conditioner, which will in-turn cause your evaporator coil to freeze. If this happens, the immediate effect will be to prevent the air conditioner from cooling properly. The long term effects are more serious. The ice can spread down the refrigerant line to other parts of the system and cause them to break down as well. If you notice ice building up on your evaporator coil, you should have it looked at by a professional technician as quickly as possible.

5. Clogged Drain Line 

Condensate drain lines need to be open and free of obstruction. Debris can buildup over time and cause the condensate drain line to clog and damage the system, and HVAC services know this is an important part of your home’s AC unit

6. Low Refrigerant/Freon 

If the coolant or freon in your system is leaking or low, then your air conditioner has to work that much harder and eventually these problems can destroy the system. Common causes are the lines simply start to break down over time, including those that go from the condenser unit, indoor central air unit and outdoor unit.

7. Premature System Replacement

Depending on how well it’s installed and cared for, the average air conditioner should last about 10-15 years. But if you skip maintenance or delay repairs, this might not be the case.


Don’t Wait to Schedule Your AC Repairs 

No matter how small an air conditioner problem may seem, it can quickly grow bigger and bigger if you don’t address it right away. If you’re not up for a DIY repair to common issues, then having a professional HVAC technician address these common air conditioning problems is needed. Something as seemingly minor as a clogged air filter can turn into a full system breakdown. This is why we recommend scheduling your repairs at the first sign of a problem.

Not only are you risking a breakdown when you delay repair needs, but you and your family will also be pretty uncomfortable. Can you imagine getting through summer without a working air conditioner? Even though temperatures are going to cool down relatively soon, there’s no reason to put yourself through even a day of discomfort.

One last consequence of delaying repair needs is that you’ll end up paying more. An AC system in disrepair is often going to be quite inefficient, meaning you’ll pay a lot more on your monthly utility bills. The best way to give your wallet a break is by scheduling your repairs as soon as you need them, and by hiring a trained and experienced HVAC professional for those repairs.

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