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We Serve The Greater KC Metro Area

We Serve The Greater KC Metro Area



Geothermal Heating and Cooling in Kansas City

We’re accustomed to traditional heating and cooling systems in most local homes and businesses in the Kansas City area: usually centralized units that heat or cool the air in a single location, and then blow it through your home with a fan via a series of ducts. It’s an effective system, but it’s not the only one out there, and depending upon the needs of your Kansas City, MO home, you might benefit from an alternative model like a geothermal heat pump or other heat pump systems for your Kansas City home.

Geothermal systems, in particular, offer a lot of benefits to the right home, and with the trained team at Climate Control Heating, Cooling & Plumbing ready to perform geothermal systems installation, maintenance, and repair services, you can enjoy those many advantages with a minimum of fuss. Call us today to set up a consultation, and we’ll go through all of the basics with you.

How Does Geothermal Heating & Cooling Work?

If you drop down about 10 feet or so beneath the earth’s surface, the temperature of the soil remains stable, no matter how hot or cold it is on the surface. That’s geothermal energy, and it’s theoretically an infinitely renewable resource for air conditioning: allowing you to heat or cool your home for a fraction of the price via a geothermal heat pump. It’s amazing what kind of energy and potential lies just under the earth’s surface and how we can utilize that with geothermal systems to provide heating and air conditioning comfort systems!

These types of geothermal systems are called ground source heat pump systems since they receive their heat from the ground. That is where the huge energy savings and lower energy bills come from as well as the parts having less moving parts. It can also be used to provide your hot water and use renewable energy to provide your family the modern comforts. New construction or adding a geothermal HVAC system to your existing home or office, we can accommodate and provide free estimates for those installations.

The system lays a series of coils or tubes beneath the earth of your Kansas City, MO property, which circulates a mixture of water and antifreeze. The mixture either pulls heated temperatures from the earth in the winter, or releases heat from your home in the summer which has huge energy efficiency. Either way, that allows you to heat and cool your home while using very little energy, making these systems a bargain in running costs and energy savings.

Getting away from fossil fuels and making the switch to renewable energy is an investment in your home or business’s future and sets up massive energy savings for years to come. The Environmental Protection Agency has some direction on how to best maximize the efficiency of your home, and get the most out of your energy efficient heat pump systems in these Missouri summers and Kansas City area winters.

How Substantial Are Those Savings?

Depending on the size of your home, the energy savings can be considerable indeed as well as the tax credits, rebates and long term savings from reduced utility bills. As an energy efficient renewable resource, geothermal energy will never run out, meaning you only need to use a little electricity to power the pump and similar components to get excellent heating and cooling air conditioning. The energy savings combines with the tax credits and rebates to make geothermal systems attractive for certain situations.

Geothermal systems cost more to install, since excavation is involved, but considering how high heating bills can get during our winters in Kansas City, MO (and our cooling bills during our scorching summers), you will be able to enjoy considerable savings from the energy efficiency found is using renewable energy and lower utility bills, and realize long term savings from your comfort systems.

But it goes beyond that. Because geothermal systems are located underground, they’re not subjected to wear and tear the same way other HVAC systems are, being subject to the harsh Missouri and Kansas winters and grueling summers. That makes it less likely that a closed-loop geothermal system will suffer a breakdown, and allows you to enjoy the cost effective benefits of such an energy star rated system for many years to come.

Schedule Geothermal Services with Climate Control Heating, Cooling & Plumbing

Geothermal systems usually require a large patch of property to install, though vertical placement is possible in many cases. They tend to benefit large homes rather than small ones, since the cost of keeping large homes comfortable tends to be so much greater than the cost of heating and cooling a small home, and the cost difference more greatly offsets the initial investment of a geothermal heating system.

Geothermal is the future of heating, coming with less maintenance, naturally protected enclosures, long term savings and the incredible performance all associated with energy efficient comfort systems that use renewable energy to produce the comfort we look for from a premium geothermal HVAC system.

Kansas City area homeowners and business owners, whatever the size of your property, you can count on our HVAC team to handle the job properly. That extends to maintenance and repair duties as well as installation. If you have a geothermal heating and cooling system, or you think one might be right for your home, call us today to set up an appointment!

We’ve serviced customers and their geothermal heating systems across the greater Kansas City area. Overland Park, Olathe, to Blue Springs and Lee’s Summit, and everywhere else in Missouri and the greater Kansas City metro.

Schedule service today for geothermal HVAC repair or for a free estimate on a new geothermal heat pump installation. Your home can have a cooling system of the future, and enjoy the energy savings and low maintenance of geothermal heating and cooling. We’re able to provide project support from start to finish when putting in a ground source heat pump HVAC systems, and know how these cooling systems come together to provide your family comfort all year long.