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We Serve The Greater KC Metro Area

We Serve The Greater KC Metro Area



Heat Pump Water Heater Services in Kansas City, MO

Heat pump technology is often applied to air conditioning and heating systems, allowing you to both warm and cool your Kansas City, MO home using one unit rather than a separate furnace and air conditioner. Heat pump water heaters, also known as hybrid water heaters, do much the same thing when it comes to heating up water. A well-installed heat pump water heater can save you a great deal of money while still providing a reliable supply of hot water for your plumbing system.

Here at Climate Control Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, our team can provide comprehensive hybrid water heater service, including installation, servicing and repairs for electric hybrid water heaters and gas hybrid water heaters. If you think such a system might work for your home, then simply contact our team today! Give us a call to schedule water heater services in Kansas City, MO and the surrounding area.

How Does a Heat Pump Water Heater Work?

A hybrid water heater uses heat from the air itself to warm the water in the tank. A compressor containing refrigerant is used to transfer heat to the water, allowing you to tap into the infinitely renewable heat of our Kansas City, MO summers. Because you’re not actually creating the heat—merely transferring it from the refrigerant—it can save you a great deal on monthly heating bills.

The one drawback to this system is that it can’t always accommodate high levels of hot water demand. That’s where the "hybrid" comes from, using a smaller gas or electric water heater to make up the difference. Even so, the combination can reduce both your monthly bills and wear and tear, allowing you to heat your water without paying more than you should.

Gas or Electric?

With hybrid water heaters, the question becomes how the smaller "traditional" unit should be fueled. Gas units draw on natural gas from a civic grid. That costs less to run than electric models and makes sense for any home with access to a civic gas line here in the Kansas City, MO area.

Hybrid electric water heaters, on the other hand, cost more to run since they draw on electricity from your home’s grid. However, that eliminates the need for gas piping, which can be an absolute necessity if you live in the country away from a civic gas line. It also means a less expensive installation, since it won’t be as involved or time consuming.

Contact Us for Water Heater Services in Kansas City

Hybrid water heaters make a good option for any home, but you need a trained expert to help you determine which make and model is right for yours. A proper service will not only install and maintain a hybrid water heater for you, but go through your choices with you and help you determine which system meets the unique needs of your home and family.

That provides benefits that go beyond simple installation. It means you have a service that is familiar with your particular unit, making maintenance and repair calls easier and faster. It means having a trained expert just a phone call away, ensuring that licensed help can arrive promptly. And it means resting easy knowing you don’t have to face any issues alone. We’re proud to serve as reliable hybrid water heater technicians throughout the area. Contact us today!