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We Serve The Greater KC Metro Area

We Serve The Greater KC Metro Area



Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services in Kansas City

Temperature remains the name of the game for commercial spaces here in Kansas City, MO, metro area, but dust, dirt, humidity levels and biological contaminants are an issue as well. Businesses need to watch out for such elements even more than residential homes need to in their heating & air conditioning systems, since things like excess humidity or high dust count can make your job impossible (and possibly violate safe workplace laws in some cases). Having air quality testing for your office building by a qualified commercial indoor air quality professional offers not only peace of mind, but a safer work environment as well.

The solution is to have a commercial indoor air quality product installed by the trained team at Climate Control Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, where we can also maintain and repair these commercial HVAC enhancements . We’ll match the solution to meet your unique business needs, with a wide variety of humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers and UV light air cleaners available for almost any commercial building and office building setting. Call our team today and we’ll go over your options with you and talk about our satisfaction guarantee!

Dust and Dirt Are Trouble for Any Business

No business in the Kansas City, MO, area wants a lot of dust and dirt in the air, circulating volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, throughout your heating & cooling system with possible negative health effects let alone other issues with not having clean air. On the most basic level, it makes the space look unappealing, which can turn away customers and make it harder for workers to do their jobs. More importantly, it can lead to potential harm and can damage stored products and other key business components like computers: costing you money in the process. In some cases, the business may require a particularly sterile environment, which dust and dirt can ruin.

Whatever the air filtration needs of your business, our trained team has a solution: armed with intimate knowledge of a wide variety of air filters and air purifiers, as well as the ability to install them in your existing system and keep them repaired and maintained as needed!

Get a Handle on Humidity Levels

High humidity in the summer can turn your commercial space into a swamp from air conditioners: making it impossible to get work done and fostering the growth of mold and bacteria. Dry air can be even worse, creating cracked skin and static electricity, as well as leaving bodies more vulnerable to illness and increasing the number of sick days your employees need to make.

The solution is comprehensive humidifiers and dehumidifiers to balance our muggy Kansas City, MO air in the summertime and the winter air in the cold months. Not only will they provide you with a healthier and more comfortable business environment, but they can help ease the strain on your heating and air conditioning system as well, allowing for a more energy-efficient operation!

UV Lights Eliminate Germs

Businesses that require a sterile environment to do their jobs can’t simply assume that germs and bacteria won’t invade. Even businesses that don’t need such conditions want to keep mold and bacteria growth down in employee and customer spaces, ductwork, and maintaining EPA standards, and prevent the spread of illnesses between customers and employees.

Commercial UV air purifiers make an outstanding solution to the problem of clean air in these closed environments. Air from the heating and air conditioning system passes through a sheet of ultraviolet light, which either kills germs instantly or renders them incapable of reproducing. As a result, the air in your commercial space feels fresher and cleaner, and illnesses won’t pass between employees (or customers) either, increasing productivity and making your office space a better place to be due to these Indoor Air Quality, or IAQ, systems.

Schedule Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services Today

Climate Control is a commercial HVAC company with years of experience in the commercial heating and cooling field, including performing professional air quality testing in the Kansas City area and the surrounding areas in Missouri and Kansas. Put our certified technicians’ know how to work for your commercial office building and rest assured with our satisfaction guarantee!

Call and schedule and free quote for a new commercial indoor air quality (IAQ) system today!