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We Serve The Greater KC Metro Area

We Serve The Greater KC Metro Area



Duct Repair and Replacement in Kansas City

The ducts in your Kansas City, MO, home form a key part of your heating and air conditioning system: carrying conditioned air (either hot or cold) to the various rooms in your homes swiftly and efficiently. The ductwork branches out from the centralized HVAC system and moves through the attic, the spaces behind your walls, and other out-of-the-way locations. They see a lot of use, and as reliable as they are, they can become damaged and require repairs from time to time as well. When that happens, you need to contact a trained professional like the team at Climate Control Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. We can repair problems with ducts such as breaches or body damage, as well as replacing duct systems that have become too damage to function and adding new ducts into new construction or expansions of your home. We serve homes throughout the Kansas City, MO area, so call our team today to get the process started! Contact us to schedule duct repair or replacement in Kansas City, MO and the surrounding area.

When Are Duct Repairs Needed?

Ducts benefit from being hidden behind walls and similar spots, which keeps them safe from common damage. Even so, ducts may become damaged inadvertently when other parts of the home are being worked on, or when wild animals like raccoons get into the crawlspaces. The most frequent repairs come when bolts or fittings between duct pieces wear out, creating a breach when they separate.

Regardless of the circumstances, you need someone who understands duct repair and has the experience to perform the job properly, sometimes in extremely close quarters. Our trained team is ready to go when you are, and can repair damaged ducts quickly in most cases.

Sometimes, Duct Replacement Is Necessary

As with anything else in your Kansas City, MO home, repairs can only do so much when it comes to problematic ducts. If a given section is damaged beyond repair, or the material is old enough to warrant a full–bore replacement, that might be the right step to ensure that your heating and air conditioning systems continue to perform at their best.

Our team can perform an accurate evaluation of the problem with your ducts and make a recommendation on whether repairs or replacement is the best option. If replacement is required, we’ll perform the operation quickly and effectively, getting your system back up to speed with minimal fuss!

We Can Expand Your Ducts Too

You may be in a situation where you’re expanding your house: adding another room or section onto an existing building. When that happens, you will likely want to expand your duct system to accommodate the new development and ensure that it receives the same heated and cooled air as the rest of the home.

Here too, our trained team is the one to call. We can work hand–in–hand with your contractor to ensure that your new space is adequately covered by your HVAC system, including the placement of new ducts in the space as needed. If you’re preparing to add on to your home, or you think you have a length of ductwork that needs replacement, call on our team today!